DDL Highlight’s: Saccucci Honda – Steering in the Right Direction

Saccucci Honda came to us with the goal of improving their SEO and organic presence. We did this and more from helping execute a full website redesign to design, and much more!


We were initially tasked with optimizing Saccucci Honda’s website for SEO. To begin, we conducted a full website audit to determine the state of their website and current organic rank on search. When performing any site audits, we use multiple tools and platforms like SEM Rush, SEO PowerSuite, Moz, & GT Metrix to cross-reference all necessary technical data and errors.  From here, we conducted keyword research and developed a full SEO plan that would improve their rank and make them more competitive among other local RI Honda dealers. Next, we worked to fully rewrite their website content to be more relevant, reflect top ranking keywords, and place them above their competitors organically.

But it doesn’t stop there! There’s always room for improvement, especially when it comes to SEO. We continued our efforts from an on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO standpoint building a viable content strategy, improving their organic visibility, and making edits to the backend to fix technical site errors and improve the quality of their site. This is an ongoing process as things are always changing from an SEO standpoint. As internet technology is ever changing and the rise of voice search is growing, it is important to stay on top of the latest SEO trends. Mobile users are only increasing so optimizing mobile sites accordingly is key to reduce bounce rate and improve user experience. Curating relevant and engaging content will place you above your competitors. If you want to learn more about SEO, check out our blog all about SEO best practices!

Website Redesign & Launch

In the midst of rewriting their website content to be SEO friendly, Saccucci was actively preparing to launch a new website design. We jumped on in and helped spearhead this process from a design standpoint by creating new navigation elements, header images, and graphics to acting as the liaison between them and the website host, Dealer.com.

Once their new website officially launched, we reviewed that all elements transferred over and made edits accordingly to ensure the site was in a good place. This included testing all applications, combining pages, and addressing any errors.

They were not entirely satisfied with how the Home page turned out, so we revamped it to reflect their vision and made it more user friendly.


The website upon official launch

For starters, users could not read the H1 on their Home page, so we added opacity to the hero image to display the text more clearly.


We made improvements to the layout of the Home page including the design of new tile images, adding gutters toward the bottom of the page, and adding a Shop by Model section to name a few. These edits allowed the site to flow much better with more user functionality.


We also optimized the website to be more mobile friendly


We also took professional photography at their dealership to keep their website fresh with the latest and greatest photos.


Oh, and we snapped some headshots of their employees and mascots…


The photos we took were used in header images across their website pages and employee headshots were uploaded to their employee page.

Well, that covers it! We helped with the launch of their new website redesign, optimized their site for SEO, and even did a photoshoot to get new shots of their dealership and employees. If you’re on the hunt for SEO services, photography, or even a new website, give us a call!